Birthday Parties
Kids birthday parties $16 per child, minimum 10 children.

This package includes:
  • * Hot food: party pies & sausage rolls (gluten free available on request), we allow 2.5 pastries per child
  • * Large fruit platter, you can ask for more if it all goes!
  • * Cordial, water
  • * 1 x ice cream per child
  • * Dedicated area for your celebration, large table under trees or gazebo, request your favourite location
  • * Balloons, plates, cups, party table and special party chair for birthday child
  • * Staff member for 2 hours to set up and clean up!

    You supply :
  • * Birthday cake
  • * Lolly bags / gifts etc
  • * Final numbers required one week prior to party
  • * Other platters available upon request such as croissant platters, quiche platters, etc

    If the adults attending would like coffee on the day, we offer 4 options:
  • 1) Pay as you go: each adult orders and pays for their own as required
  • 2) Package deal $12.50 per adult which includes a large cheese board with dips plus one coffee/tea/drink per adult
  • 3) We can run a tab and the party organiser pays the total at the end of the party
  • 4) Pre-purchase drink vouchers for each adult $5.50 for any drink

    Download PDF copy of this fact sheet

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